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Saturday 22nd September                  Thursday 27th September
    7.00pm                        £11.00     7.15pm
                                             Friday 28th September
    DE BURNAY’S FUNDRAISER                   7.15pm
    AMAZING GLAZE                            Saturday 29th September
                                             2.00pm & 7.15pm               £13.50

                                             REBECCA’S DANCE STUDIO
                                             FLY TO ‘NEVERLAND’

                                               Award-winning dancers will recreate the
                                               magical story of Peter Pan, the boy who
                                               never grew up!
                                               With fantastic music, all dance styles, a cast
                                               of all ages and stunning costumes, ‘Neverland’
                                               promises to take you to a fairytale land of
                                               pirates, Lost Boys, indians, mermaids and the
                                               odd crocodile or two!
                                               In support of Great Ormond Street

     BOX OFFICE: 01777 706866   ONLINE:                   9
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