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Saturday 15th September
    7.30pm                                                                  £22.50

                            BAY CITY
                            ROLLERS! - The
                            Story of The Bay
                            City Rollers’ is a
                            brand new show that
                            has been taking UK
                            theatres by storm
                            and is now set to
                            continue its run into
                            2017/18. Starring Les
       McKeown, the voice on ALL the Bay City Roller
       Hits, it tells the story of how ‘five ordinary guys
       from Edinburgh became a worldwide pop sensation!’
       Join Les on a nostalgic ride back to when the world
       turned tartan in the mid 70’s and re-live those
       teenage wonder years as he recounts story’s
       behind the Rollers dramatic rise to fame and
       Les and his fantastic 4 piece band ‘The
       Legendary Bay City Rollers’ perform
       songs that influenced the original group
       as they were forging there way in the
       music business, as well as all the Roller
       hits including ‘Bye Bye Baby’, ‘Summer Love
       Sensation’, ‘I Only Want To Be With You’ and
       ‘Shang A Lang’ to name just a few!
       Their first two albums, ‘Rollin’’ and ‘Once
       Upon A Star’, stayed on the album charts for
       a total of 99 weeks from 1974-1976.  ‘Bye Bye
       Baby’, the Rollers first number one. was the UK’s
       biggest selling single of 1975. They even had
       their very own syndicated television show on
       both sides of the Atlantic.
       The band were consistently hitting pop
       charts around the globe with songs such as
       ‘Give A Little Love’, ‘All Of Me Loves All Of You’,
       ‘Remember’ and ‘Money Honey’.

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