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Thursday 4th October
    7.30pm                                      £27.00 - Groups 1 in 10 go FREE

    Steve Steinman has come a   (Meat Loafs guitar player) led to
    long way since his appearance   a bizarre evening, on their way
    as Meat Loaf on ITV’s hit TV   to dinner Steinman and Patti
    show ‘Stars in Their Eyes’   Russo (Meat Loafs leading lady)
    back in 1993. His journey can   blasted out the duet Paradise
    only be described as remarkable.   by The Dash Board Light in the
    For the past 21 years Steinman   car! Which Steinman recalls as a
    has constantly toured with his   great memory.
    hit show ‘The Meat Loaf   Steinman will perform all of the
    Story’ which he produced.    hits from Meat Loaf’s record
    His journey has taken him all
    over the world playing in some   breaking album including Paradise
    of the most iconic venues such   by the Dashboard Light, Took the
    as Sun City in South Africa and   Words Right out of My Mouth, Bat
    the London Palladium, which   Out of Hell as well as dueting on
                             the Grammy award-winning hit
    Steinman rates as one of his all-
    time achievements.       song I Would Do Anything for Love
                             (But I Won’t Do That).
    Whilst on a trip to Vegas a
    chance meeting with Paul Crook

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