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Show Diary (Special offers available from Box Office Only - Not Online)

Date 2017 Time
17th Re Take That 7.30pm
24th The ELO Experience 7.30pm
3rd Gordon Hendricks Is Elvis 7.30pm
10th The Story Of The Beach Boyz 7.30pm
16th, 17th De Burnay 7.00pm Sat Mat. 2.00pm
23rd Ruff And Ready 7.30pm
24th The Stones 7.30pm
25th Staples School Of Dance 5.00pm
6th Dreamboys 7.30pm
??? Beyond The Barricade - Re-Scheduled to 23rd November 7.30pm
14th Wizard Of Oz 2.00pm
22nd Vienna Festival Ballet - Swan Lake 5.00pm
27th That'll Be The Day 7.30pm
28th Robert Temple Hypnotist - Live & Outrageous 7.30pm
5th Westenders 7.30pm
9th, 10th 11th 12th RAOS My Fair Lady 7.30pm Sat Mat. 2.30pm
19th Roy "Chubby" Brown 7.30pm
27th The Little Mix Experience 7.30pm
2nd The Drifters 7.30pm
9th The Floyd Effect 7.30pm
15th Past Masters 7.30pm
23rd Magic Kind Of Queen 7.30pm
5th, 6th, 7th MOB Presents Sister Act 7.30pm Sat Mat. 2.00pm
13th Barry Steele & Friends - Roy Orbison Story 7.30pm
15th MTS Summer Show 5.30pm